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High-Level Consulting

The Board of Directors Package is an offering tailored for the business owner who is seeking top-tier strategic guidance and expertise in any and all areas. This includes three hours a week with Chuck and Dana to discuss any needs and quarterly strategy sessions.


The Board of Directors for Peak Performance

At The Opus & Golds Group, we believe in the power of collaborative consultation. Let’s embark on a journey of strategic discussion.


What’s Included

Guided Consultation Call

  • A personalized call where we dive into your concerns and provide tailored guidance.
  • A platform for open discussion, ensuring your unique needs are understood and addressed.

Agenda-Driven Approach

  • We value your time and ask that you provide an agenda ahead of the call, allowing us to prepare thoroughly.
  • Maximize the efficiency of our session by focusing on the topics that matter most to you.

Tailored Feedback and Solutions

  • Receive constructive feedback and actionable solutions to propel your business forward.
  • Benefit from our expertise as we work together to overcome challenges and explore opportunities.

Ready to redefine excellence?

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Success Stories

    “Today I had a 1 hour zoom meeting with Chuck and Dana. The way they can listen to your current situation and help you build a multi-stage business strategy is honestly mind blowing. After the strategy was laid out they pump you so full of motivation that I found myself more excited than when I opened our doors.Iif you are a business owner you really need to set up a meeting no matter how dialed in you think your strategy is.Tthese folks are the definition of thinking outside the box. It’s been 20 minutes and I’m already stoked for the follow up!”

    -Arthur E.

    “I’ve known Chuck and Dana for a few years and admire their work growing businesses with amazing team cultures. They give very wise counsel and actionable advice. ”

    -Dave M.

    “I could talk about gaining clients. I could talk about doubling my businesses income. I could talk about being able to manage my work/life balance better. All this absolutely happened, but the biggest single factor that they helped me with? Mindset and insight. After 90 days my business had been doing things I didn’t even fathom as possible, and felt comfortable and confident going into my 90 day review meeting checking off the wins I thought were too far out there.

    Keep your meetings, do the work, remain accountable, and show us with results (not excuses). If you have the opportunity to use/tthe OG Group, take it”

    -Jon B.

    “Chuck and Dana have a depth of experience. When they meet with you, they listen to your questions/concerns, they offer pointed feedback, and are great at breaking down action items into a timeline that works for you but keeps you on track. Meeting with Chuck and Dana was extremely powerful and is giving us direction in how to move forward productively, and focused on areas that add to our business as soon as possible. It really is a holistic approach to growth but with ample experience to give you the confidence to keep moving forward.”
    Robert H.

    -Robert H.

    “Chuck is a true leader and a great mentor. He knows what it takes to be a successful business owner. Not only has he done it, he has helped others grow their businesses. It would be impossible to completely express the value he brought to my company.”

    -Steve H.

    “As a business owner the biggest thing I found out was I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Think about that for a sec. Chuck has guided me through many things, all the late night conversations, and just great laughs. He’s able to reflect on his past business to help me with mine. Like I said before, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. He’s built what I’m trying to build and has guided me through situations of what to do and most of all what not to do. He has already learned the lessons why would I want to learn them the hard way? I feel like I have skipped 10 years ahead and saved a ton of grey hairs. Can’t wait for what’s next in my life and all my employees lives. Chucks helping me build a better culture and better lives for our customers and team members. THANKS CHUCK!!!”

    -Chris T.

    “Chuck is a rockstar of a leader. He always goes above and beyond for people who want to take it to the next level. His biggest impact on our business would be accountability and sharing his knowledge of what is best to do to grow. I am excited to see where this company goes and how many more people they will be able to impact with this company. Definitely recommend them!”

    -Brenna A.

    “I’m looking toward to seeing where this company goes… You can’t help but be inspired talking with Chuck. He has a passion for helping people that you can genuinely tell gives him joy to share. His results speak for themselves in the business he built but within the first minute talking with him you’ll know he cares. We’ve regularly spoken on zooms and I can honestly say every time we interacted I came away with something that made me or my business better. He’s also never hesitated to jump on a call to help if I had a specific question. If you’re looking for someone to help you get to the next level, especially in the home service arena, do yourself a favor and make sure to talk with Chuck at The Opus and Golds group!”

    -David S.

    “Chuck helped us with accountability, processes and organization for our company. Great company to work with. Chuck is always there to help guide you in the right direction”

    -Angela O.