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At The Opus & Golds Group, our journey extends beyond a singular mission — it’s a tapestry woven with passion and purpose. Explore our sister companies, each born from the same commitment to excellence that defines who we are. These aren’t just ventures; they’re reflections of our unwavering dedication to making an impact in diverse fields we’re truly passionate about.

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Mtn Flo

Rooted in the majestic Wasatch mountains, our brand is born from the passion of a genuine outdoor enthusiast. Embracing the thrill of snowboarding, snowmobiling, fly fishing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking, we draw inspiration from the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us in the mountains.

In our commitment to preserve the splendor of the Wasatch, we proudly contribute 5% of our proceeds to support the Summit County Search and Rescue, dedicated to ensuring safety in these rugged terrains. Additionally, we actively participate in the conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding the Wasatch mountains and mountain towns, promoting awareness for avalanche safety, and river cleanups around the globe.

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Snake Creek backcountry adventures logo

Snake Creek Backcountry Adventures

Coming in 2024: outdoor adventures!

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Partner with Chuck

Elevate your company’s success with Chuck, Co-Owner at The Opus & Golds Group. From transforming startups to $20M enterprises, Chuck specializes in guiding businesses with revenues from $3M to $10M. Ready to unlock growth? Partner with Chuck by booking now!

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Partner with Dana

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