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Meet Opus & Golds

The OG Group is the brainchild of two siblings, Chuck and Dana. They both bring a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic business growth. Chuck already has 25 years in the service industry.

During this time, he focused on scaling his garage startup, All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, from a one-man operation to $11 million in sales within eight years, serving as the bedrock of their expertise. With her extensive background in corporate retail, and the ad agency world, Dana joined forces with Chuck to steer All Hours to a phenomenal $20 million in under four years!

The name “The Opus & Golds Group” signifies the essence of meaningful work (“Opus”) and the dedication to excellence (“Golds”). It’s also a nod to their children’s names: Goldie, Ondrea, Liam, Dylan, and Savannah.


Chuck: Co-Founder

Meet Chuck, Co-Founder of The Opus & Golds Group and a true pioneer in the service industry. A native of New Jersey, Chuck has been charting his course since he set out on his own at the age of 17. In 2008, he planted roots in Salt Lake City, beginning his entrepreneurial journey with a vigor and determination that knew no bounds. He founded All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, forever altering the service industry landscape

From Garage to Greatness: In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Chuck started All Hours from his garage – just one man and his truck, armed with a passion for service. In an astonishing eight years, he propelled the company to an impressive $11 million, showcasing his innate ability to build something extraordinary from the ground up, ultimately culminating in the successful sale of a total of 3 businesses.

Siblings in Success: The story takes an even more remarkable turn when Chuck brought his sister Dana on board in 2020. Together, they orchestrated a meteoric rise, elevating the company from $11 million to a staggering $20 million in under four years. Their combined efforts culminated in a landmark double-digit multiples sale in 2023, marking a testament to their shared vision and leadership.

A Leader and Mentor: Chuck’s expertise extends beyond the field; he is a passionate advocate for coaching and inspiring both field and office teams. With an unparalleled dedication to building a thriving company culture, Chuck believes in the power of mindset and has cultivated an environment that fosters growth and success.

Outside the realm of business, Chuck finds his greatest joy in his family. Married to Madison for eight years, they are parents to three wonderful children: Savannah, Liam, and Goldie. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Chuck revels in extreme winter sports, including snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing. His love for adventure extends to fishing, where he embraces all forms, from fly fishing to exploring various fishing locales with his family.

Chuck’s journey from the garage to the sale is a testament to his resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence. He continues to inspire and lead, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entrepreneurship and service.


Dana: Co-Founder

Meet Dana, the dynamic Co-Founder of The Opus & Golds Group and a formidable presence in the world of business. As the sister to Chuck, her journey is woven with a rich tapestry of experiences, each contributing to her exceptional leadership.

A Steady Hand in Operations: Dana’s journey with The Opus & Golds Group started with a pivotal role at All Hours Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. For nearly four years, she navigated the intricacies of “day-to-day” operations as the General Manager/COO. Beyond the firefighting moments, Dana wielded significant influence in major company decisions. Her imprint can be seen in everything from a complete rebranding of the company image to the meticulous assistance in process creation across every department. Dana played a pivotal role in driving exponential growth during her tenure, contributing significantly to the company’s impressive trajectory from $11M to $20M in just under four years, culminating in a successful sale in 2023.

A Versatile Background: Dana’s professional journey began in retail management, swiftly ascending to the corporate retail level, where she specialized in product buying and visual merchandising across 300+ locations. Her expertise expanded further in the advertising agency realm, where she spent close to nine years, including extensive time as the Director of Client Relations, managing relationships with prestigious clients, including Fortune 50 companies. This diverse background equipped Dana with a unique skill set that seamlessly transitioned into the home service industry.

Beyond Business: While work is Dana’s passion, her heart finds joy in various pursuits. A fervent traveler, she delights in exploring new places and cherishing moments with her children and grandchildren. Dana is not only a business leader but also a compassionate soul dedicated to giving back. Volunteering with hospice care, she focuses on providing support during the critical “11th Hour,” assisting patients and families cope during and after the patient has passed. She has also invested several years in volunteering with Ele’s Place, facilitating therapy-like sessions to help children navigate the complex emotions associated with the loss of immediate family members.

Dana’s journey is a testament to her versatility, resilience, and the profound impact that can be made when business acumen is coupled with compassion. As she continues to lead, inspire, and contribute to her community, Dana exemplifies the power of leadership that extends beyond the office.


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